Bone density and osteoporosis screening

Osteoporosis and fracture

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis means “bones with holes”, which is a type of bone metabolism disorder. Along with ageing, the metabolism of growing bone density will slow down once people reach middle age. The loss of calcium of bone tissue will cause a fragile bone structure, leading to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis also known as ‘silent disease’. This attributes to the lack of obvious symptoms for osteoporosis. People only discover themselves suffer from osteoporosis until a fracture caused by a fall or a bump into objects. Senior citizens will most likely suffer from fracture once they fall on the ground. This deteriorates their self-caring ability. To cope with osteoporosis and related harm brought by fracture, the best way is to begin with early diagnosis and prevention.

Bone density screening and fall prevention

Osteoporosis usually catches people off guard. It is irreversible when it is too late to handle. Patients can only hinges on medicine to procrastinate bone loss. For the sake of discovering this disease early, Silveriders dedicated to providing affordable, speedy and convenient bone density screening and fall prevention test. Thus, this service facilitates elderlies to discover osteoporosis early, minimizing the probability of suffering from fracture, assisting them to solve the prolonged waiting time for hospital examination.

Silversides utilizes quantitative ultrasound, QUS to screen the respective bone density of radius and tibia. The screening process is safe and speedy. It costs around 2 minutes without generating radiation. The data generated by screening will serve as indicators of classifying bone density. Based on the data, Silveriders provides preliminarily analysis on bone fracture and related advices.

Please immediately consult related healthcare professionals for further advice and detail examination in case you have doubts of suffering from osteoporosis. Balanced diet and proper physical exercises are vital for osteoporosis prevention and treatment as well as maintaining healthy bone.